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"I thought I saw you out there crying
I thought I heard you call my name.” 
—Begin Again (2013)

Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo | On set of Animals music video, day 2.
Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo | On set of Animals music video, day 2.

Sexuality: Adam’s new sleeve  


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summaries of Maroon 5 music videos 

  • This Love:  Adam Levine is sexy get that through your head right now.
  • She Will Be Loved:  Adam Levine is kinda creepy cuz he's like in love with your mom or something but idk he's still sexy so.
  • Makes Me Wonder:  Idk Adam Levine is sexy and there's an airport??
  • Wake Up Call:  Adam Levine reveals he totally has a bondage kink (and it's sexy).
  • Won't Go Home Without You:  Adam Levine is walking angstily but remains very sexy.
  • Misery:  Adam Levine has an abusive relationship where his girlfriend just beats the shit out of him all the time but he keeps making out with her anyway because they're both sexy and it would just be a waste not to make out.
  • Never Wanna Leave This Bed:  Adam Levine and his sexy supermodel girlfriend decide they need to share their sexiness with the whole world bc they're just too sexy to be contained.
  • Payphone:  Adam Levine is in a bank robbery situation but he uses his sexy to escape.
  • One More Night:  Adam Levine is a sexy boxer but he's too sexy so his wife leaves him.
  • Maps:  Adam Levine neglects his girlfriend at a party so she gets hit by a car.




These promos get worse and worse…

Adam’s face in the first image


I changed my icon because this picture did things to me.